Sunday, July 29, 2007


Finally have time to write in the blog. I did however create a race report on BT. One of my tri-mate had a cancellation for her hotel so she offered a room. At first I said naw I will catch a ride with my other nutty buddy (Big D). Then my wife said I would be better rested if I had spent the night. I told her okay you talked me into it. I had to drop of the bike the day before anyway. I though she would have a problem with me staying in the same room with a young lady. She was cool with it. All I had to do was wear my flannel PJ's. Thats not fair since I like to sleep in the nude. Anyways back to the race, we woke up about 4am, but i did not get much sleep. i think I slept 2-3 hours tops, I would have been better off at home. At home I can relax in my own bad and my wife can read me a bedtime story so I can fall asleep. I take a nasty dump then Kelly takes a nasty dump. We fuel up with bananas and bagels, Kelly eats her cereal with soy milk. Then we get to the transition before 5am. We walk around chatting about the race and how much fun it will be. Finally it opens and we get marked and we put our stuff by our bikes. We get into the chipp line but no one is moving. I go and ask the guy at the table if they will open up on time. He tells me to get back in line and they will open when they are ready. Other words Fuck-off. So I get back in line and they finally start passing the chipps out. I find my nutty buddy Big D. We take a pix with the SCTC. Big D and I go for a small warm up run and then we go for a little warm up swim. Then the race begins, wave after wave until its my turn. I stick in the back so I don't get hit but have waited to long to draft anyone dang. I am playing catch up and do so but the main pack is gone. I finish my swim around 44min but by the time my chip hits the mat its about 46. T1= 1:35 Thats okay I was saving energy for the bike. My shoes are on the bike and I jump on. I ride a little before I slip into the shoes. I start to hammer away and it feels good with the new bike fit. I am passing people but I am also being passed. I catch up to Kelly and then Linda. I was only averaging 18:5mph. Oh well ,work to be done for next year. My neck started to hurt around 2 hours from the aggressive bike fit. My coach warned about that. I kept my heart rate at a decent place around zone 3 sometimes 4, but for most I was at a good place and felt strong. Drank alot of fluids and took a lot of endurolytes along with tumms. I did not however eat any gels which may have been my downfall for nutrition. My coach recommended a liquid nutrition for me but that may not have been good enough. Bike 3:02 T2 / 2:01
On the run I started nice and easy and keeping my HR low zone 3. I felt ok until there was a hill to climb which I did not want to take any chances and decided to walk. Not far from there I felt a cramp creeping up and I took another endurolyte along with a gel. The run was better than Rockman but still cramping during the run. I know I can do better on the run so I really need to fine tune the nutrition part of my HIM races. Run 2:23