Sunday, May 25, 2008


I had an early bike ride on the schedule but I decided to do it on the trainer.
All day I was noticing what a sunny day it was. I made it home early and decided to take the bike out for an easy ride through the woods. Filled up the water bottle and off I went. I had been experiencing some hip pain but I believe it was gone. As I completed the first route of the forest preserve I decided that I would do the other side. By this time it is rush hour, cars are flying everywhere. Myself and another cyclist stop at the light. I noticed we had the green light but there was a motorist trying to cross. He was looking the opposite direction and I assumed he would look towards me before driving off. I took off and so did he. I flew a couple of feet and my 3 month carbon bike was under his car. Some how I no longer had my bike shoes on and one was completely under the passenger wheel. The drivers gets out and apologizes, the other cyclist calls 911. They tell me not to move that an ambulance is on its way. I move my toes and my fingers slowly. I tell them I want to stand up. They try to tell me not to but I am not taking no for an answer.

The police arrive and I know some of the guys. They ask me if I am alright. I tell them I think I am okay but do not know for sure. I want to walk around a little to see if I have any pain anywhere. I have scratches on both knees and my elbo. I have a bruise on my left thigh. The ambulance I arrives and I tell them I do not want to go to the hospital. They make me sign some papers and they leave. The state trooper highly recommend that I go to the hospital. I tell him that I have an important meeting in Dallas and cannot take the chance of staying in a hospital. I tell him when I get back I will get myself checked out. Mean while the motorist is apologizing and tells me he will replace my bike. I tell him its not a cheap bike, he says how much can a bike cost. I tell him a couple of thousand dollars. The stat trooper give him a ticket and tells him pedestrains have the right of way.

Trooper offers to give me a ride but the motorist who hit me live several blocks down from my home. He offers a ride too and I accept. We get to my home and again he tells me he will replace my bike and pay all medical bills. I ask him if I can get that in writing and he agrees. As a former realtor we always wrote up agreements of various sorts. I ask him if we can go Friday to buy a bike and he agrees. Accident happen Wednesday. I get a call from his insurance company Thursday. We went to the bike store Friday but I am not at ease until I get the bike.
My neck, back and left arm have pain. It is tolerable but will see my ortho next week.