Tuesday, September 9, 2008

IMWI Volunteering

Wow, I never knew how much fun it would be to volunteer. I met a lot of nice tri athletes.
It was good to see how different people get water on the bike and pulling over to mix their drinks.
I was at the cross plains aid station with a bunch of pirates. We stocked the water and handed out lots of water. Everyone worked hard and had a good time. I arrived at 7am and left around 3pm.
I would have stayed longer but I had a family party to attend. I came back the next day to sign up.
I brought my new wetsuit to sell but I did not have any luck. I'm sure I will sell it in the spring.
While registering I received a call from my wife about my son is at home sick. I tell her I have my reservation and will head home. I get home and go online to make hotel reservations and all the good hotels are booked. Oh well, I may need to find a coach or buy a training plan from training peaks. Anyway to soon to get excited but I am telling everyone that I am doing an ironman in 2009.