Monday, October 8, 2007

Chicago Marathon 2007 / Death March

Last year at the marathon I cramped out at the end of mile 18. I cramped out in many Triathlons this year. Fine tunning my nutrition I thought I may have figured it out. Then the weather reports hot and humid for the race. Last year it was in the 30's, this year in the high 80's.

My brother decided to run the first couple of miles with me and then drop out and meet me at mile 23. After my 6 min. warm up I stretched, next thing I know I can't line up in the 9 min pace. Dang, that gonna be a problem. So finally after 25 min. I started my race.

My first clicked at 9:30's which was my plan and then my brother at the end of mile 2 told me he was running out of breath. I decided to give him a break and walked for 30 sec. We started again and he could not keep up so he dropped out. The next couple of mile were around 10 min pace. One of the early stations did not have enough volunteers or cups or both. Luckily I had my fuel belt with heed in one bottle. I am not sure but at point the tables were not setup and no fluid was available. I got lucky one time and stopped at an empty table were people were giving away empty water bottles. I asked the girl if she had anything to put in the bottle. She then pulled out some cold gator aide and poured the free bottle full. I also had pedialite which I drank from time to time. After my heed ran out I refilled the bottle with water and had a little baggy of sustain energy. Something was making my stomach sour so I carried my fuel belt, the pressure on my stomach was painful. I also was slowing down in pace and was walking more frequently. At mile 13 Eileen jumped in with her happy face and immediatley I ask her to carry my fuel belt. Eileen is so helpful and encouraging telling me I was looking good and doing fine.
I reminded her that at the end of mile 18 last year I cramped up and told her I was feeling good.
Mile 19 my family and friends were waiting for me. I stopped and chatted with my wife, kids and friends (Brett, Chris). I had to remind Eileen that we were in a race and we had to get going. Between mile 20 and 21 the Chicago Police were telling people to stop running and walk. The fire hydrant was turned on so I figured the ground was wet and the police were warning us not to fall and walk. Then somewhere around mile 22 rumour were floating that the race was cancelled. I told Eileen that my brother was jumping in at mile 23 and I would the balance with him. She said that was fine and had her friend Joe meet her at mile 23. She jumped out and he jumped in. Rafa motivated me to run and had planty of energy. I would run 3-4 min and walk 1 min. Then mile 24 the police informed us that the clocks were turned off and to stop running.
I told my brother I wanted to run but at this point my pace was shit. Then mile 25 I had nothing left the heat had finally gotten to me. My head was pounding and my legs were aching.
My brother tried to motivated me but I was not having it. I took some motrin but it was to late.
Again the police ask us to stop running and walk. All clocks are off no times are being recorded.
With this news I decided to sit down and try to recover. 5 min. later I started to walk real slow, my brother said I did not look good and maybe he should get some help. I told him we had a half mile to go and then i would seek medical attention. We saw the finish line and caught to my friend Derrick. He did not look good either, he barely spoke and was sun burned. I told my brother it was time to sprint and we started to run but all I could do was a slow jog. As i got my medal and exited out my brother reminded me I would seek help. I told him i was fine but would like to sit for a couple of min. We finally got back to the car and turned on the air and made it home. On a good note I did not cramp but felt completely drained. Like the Cubs, there is always next year.