Friday, April 25, 2008

Let the Cycling Season begin

The SCTC had their first bike ride of the season. We had a decent turn out. We were able to create groups which helped big time with pace. Of course I was in the B-Group. I can only hang on to the fast guys for a little bit and then I get dropped. I was hoping people might be up to a 2.5 hour ride but most only wanted 1.5 or 2 hour ride. Well we rode out to Water Fall Glen and met up with the A-Group. Miguel cracked a joke on me and I laughed, of course I replied with a joke of my own.
Before we started I ask group A leader how far they were going. He said only to Lemont. My group only wanted to do the same. Luckily everyone new the way back and I could continue on further. I reached Lemont ave. and off they head back to Brookfield. There were plenty of other cyclist out so I did not feel alone. I also rode whatever route I wanted to do. On my way back about four girls passed me. I caught up to them on a stop light. They told me I could tag along if I was heading back east. I said sure, off we went. Towards the end of were I was going to turn off I offered to lead the pack. They said sure but make sure you keep it at 18-20 mph. I was riding with cadence so I do not know what my speed had been. I switched over to mph and notice my speed go beyond 20 and had to slow down. Going up hill I had trouble keeping 18mph but I survived. Off they went and I made a right to tackle the Madison hill for a 2nd time. I switched to the big gear to get momentum and up the hill I go. Going down is a little scary. To many potholes. I continue on about 5 miles and I see another group of 5. Mixed with 1 women, so I turn around hoping they are going up the Madison hill. They are going up the hill and I follow. Three of the guys do pretty good going up hill. Myself and 2 others slowly make our way up the hill. We survive and they make a right and I go straight. I see 2 of the girls I was riding with earlier and they are heading towards the hill but I am spent. I already have 40+ miles on my bike and need to conserve some energy to make it home. I started heading back and remember most of the route except I get lost in Hinsdale. I stop a runner and asked him how I get out of the area onto 47th. He gives me good directions and it comes back to me. I thank the sweaty runner and he thanks me back for giving him a rest. I find county line and then 47th just like the runner mentioned. I take 47 to some other street which I always forget the street name but I know were its located. As I am riding I see an old neighbor who now lives in Western Springs. I yell out to him, good job on the running. He shouts back that he is training for his 1st Triathlon. I tell him great and keep up the good work. I make it home 3.5 hours later and 58 miles or so. Somehow my butt is not sore. My hand is a little sore since I do not have Aero bars on the bike. I plan to buy some and did not want to put the old crappy ones on. It looks like I may have to until my order comes in. I look forward to riding long and easy.