Monday, November 19, 2007

IM at a distant

Well after a long hard look back at the Tri season I have decided not to compete in an Ironman next year(2008). I would like to work on my nutrition first. I think I am close and would like to compete without any cramps in a long distant race. I competed in a couple of sprints and no problem. My first race of the season(Terre Haute) I noticed I cramped slightly on the bike and then the cramps stop me from moving completely on the run portion. This is frustrating since I enjoy running the most. I believe I should hydrate right after the swim and continue through out the race. This is a challenge since I cannot hammer on the bike if I am fueling all the time.
I get caught up on the bike that I do not hydrate as much as I should. Discipline is part of the key but also hydrating with the right fuel. I will compete in the same HIM that I competed in 2007 and hope not to cramp out next year(2008). Some of the training I will do different is more outdoor swimming and a centurion. Of course hydrate more often in my training. I have experimented with electrolyte pills and some calcium supplements but they do not appear to be effective. I would also like to get to a point were I am not drained from swimming. This season was my first time swimming over 3K meters and it was not easy. The workouts took me over an hour and some close to 2 hours. I will take some more swim lessons from my coach and hope to get my stroke efficient. So many time i hear others say they found a grove in the swim and swam on. I can get a grove on the bike and in the run but the swim is always a battle. Marathon training had gone great and even at the race at mile 19 I felt great. Mile 20 I hit the wall and all my hopes of finishing strong went out the window. Next year I will start my training right after my last HIM and stay on track. My 20 mile practice went well and I even recorded great time but the Sun gods were not cooperating with me the day of the marathon.
I enjoy everything about the triathlons and marathons and hope to get better by practice and training.
Some day all the training will pay off but for now I will continue to pay my dues.

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Kickstand Pam said...

It will all fall into place and when you make the decision to do an Ironman event you will be well prepared.

In the mean time, I'll continue to read you journey. :)