Sunday, February 10, 2008


My kids martial arts instructor kept bugging me to join the class.
My kids have been participating for almost a year. My son is always wanting to try different sports and had asked about martial arts lesson several years ago. We finally gave in after both kids trying soccer, basketball, football and some other sports.
Anyway the instructor corners me in September. He ask when my season ends. I tell him I was running the marathon and maybe I would give his class a chance in November.

I sign up for November and yesterday I was on the fence about moving up to the next belt.
I will be starting some training for Cary half mary and will be dropping out at the end of February.
Last week I failed the forms and practice all week with my kids to memorize them this week. Yesterday I passed but have not decide if I want to pay and then drop out.

I may come back in November but I do not like bruising my shins on purpose or any other body parts. I always pick the 60year old black belt to spare with so I can run away. I tell them right off the bat that I am not wanting to get tossed around like a rag doll. To old for that and don't want to create any injuries. I am pretty sure they think I am a wimp and sometimes I get teased. I challenge any of the macho guys to a quick 5K race but I get no offers.
My kids have also spared with higher belts and did not do well. I told the instructor that my kids did not want to spare anymore. He told me he would not force them to fight if they did not want to but he wanted to challenge them since they were beating up all the yellow belts.

I know not all martial arts classes are taught like this one but my kids insist on attending.
They also passed there next level and will be receiving there belt as soon as I pay.

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MJ said...

How about a Cary Half Marathon report??