Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heat is on/ Chicago Marathon 2008

My bro was suppose to run this race and I was going to pace him. We with my busy schedule I was not checking up on his progress and he became injured. A couple of things may have happened.
To many miles and no stretching. Planters does a body no good. Anyway I trained in the heat and was hoping for cooler weather but no luck. I wore my fuel belt and carried heed, endurolytes, gels and tums. The event had plenty of water this time and also added sponges which was nice.
Last year I hit the wall at mile 21 this year mile 23. I tried to stay at a low HR but a friend from work ran with me and he was running faster. He tried to slow down but was still to excited. Finally around mile 13 he slowed down and my HR was at Z2. At the faster rate I was at Z5 and would have problems in the end if I kept it up. I tried to stay in the shade as much ass possible but there were lots of areas that were in the sun. Last 3 miles I walked since I had no energy. The sun had zapped every ounce of energy out of me. I found a tiny bit to run through the finish line.
I felt like vomiting and hung onto a big garbage can. Finally someone from the medical staff notice me and told me to get in the chair and he would take to the med tent so they could help me.
The doc came up to me and asked me what was wrong. I told her I had to vomit, she told the other person to put me in the shade. I hung out there for 10 min and left. I met my bro at a city parking lot which he gets to park for free since he works for the city. Again I felt like vomiting but could not. I made it home and my wife gave me sprite and a bucket.
After a while I was finally able to take in fluids and the recovery began.

I will not do another marathon in the heat. It takes alot out of you and does not allow for acurate finishing time.

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Triathamom said...

You adjusted to some seriously adverse conditions and finished well Griz. Congrats!!