Monday, August 27, 2007

Accenture 2007

I almost did not compete this year due to power outtage for several days amongst other issues. I wanted my kids to compete in the Mcdonalds kids triathlon but because we had no power and flooding we put everything on hold. Power finally came on Saturday morning around 2AM. I could hear the sump pump going for hours. Then after we get a clean up cure in to clean my wife lays a bomb on me. She had gone to the doctor Friday and needs to go to the hospital. I tell her we should have gone Friday but she did not want to leave the family with all the issues going on. Finally I take her to the hospital and it is around 7pm. My wife tells me I should go and compete at the Accenture Tri Sunday. I tell her I should stick around for the kids. She tells me they will be fine if they need to they can go to my brohters home. He lives a couple of blocks away. I decide around 9pm to do the race. I get my gear, put air in the tires and off to bed.

I can't l;eep so I get out of bed around 3am, I eat get ready and leave my home around 3:30. I arrive downtown around 3:55 am and find a parking lot. I did not realize that you can park for free on Sundays. I grew up in the city and worked downtown for a while I should know this stuff. Anyway I paid $14 to park and find another Triathlete from Oak Park. She is early to, she did not know where transition is and wanted to make sure she had plenty of time. I walk with her to the transition since I know where to go and then we spilt up. I had to go to the trouble tent. Last night I noticed I my packet number was different than my number on my bag. I ask the staff there and they want to give me a new number and timming chip. I tell them no, since there is no way of testing the chipp. They say i should be fine.

I see Jim Q at transition, he is wave one and I am in wave five so we are close. I walk over to the swim area and I spot a SCTC jersey. Its Christina and her friend, she is excited and we start to chatt. I ask what time it is and she tells me its 6am. Yikes my wave starts at 6:15M. I run into the wave line up and we are next. I put on my cap amd goggles, we jump in and the water is freezing. I was not prepared for the cold and I start to freak out. next thing I know I hear the horn, but I need to start my watch. I think I hit my watch but later find out I did not. 50 meters in I can't see a darn thing. I sprayed my goggles with the anit fog spray. I have used it before but it does not work this time. I think because of the cold and my warm body. Of cours my form goes all out but I think I catch up to some of wave 4 then later I see some of wave 3. Then I remember this is the race of the newbies and the people that can't swim.
I had put my slippers on the end of the swim so I put them on and off I go. Get my bike and don't put on socks for a first in this season. I had my bike in a low gear and I put my feet on top of my shoes after I get past the little hill I put my feet in my shoes. I feel good and pedal as hard as I can I was only passed by 4 guys this race. Usuallt its about 10 guys and some ladies. I catch up to alot of people and feel good. Off the bike and T2, I put on the socks since I do not want blisters. I run but I am out of breath I need to slow down. I wore my HRM but have not looked at it since my timer was never on. I get tot he first water station and I stop and drink and off I go. I finally get in a groove, but I start chatting a young lady around mile 1. We are both about the same pace and we talk a little. Then mile 2 marker and I have to shift inot a higher gear. I start to redline but I keep going and then i sprint in. I go find my time at the tent and find out I was 2 minutes slower than last year. I guess all the HIM training has made me slower. On one good note my bike was faster by 2 minutes. Must be the new tri bike(tina). Started at 6:15 and ended at 7:41. I called my kids and they put their order in for McDonalds breakfast and I was home by 9am.
Time for marathon training, I better not get injured like last year. I will take it easy with the speed workouts, that what got me into trouble last year along with to many miles to quick.

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MJ said...

Congrats, Griz! 2 minute drop on the bike split?? That's awesome!

Good luck with marathon training...keep us posted!