Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tri Masters

Well last year my kids competed in their first triathlon. It was the McDonalds kids triathlon at foster beach. I was not impressed with the race. First the adults get to race first, so the kids have to wait till all the adults are off the course. This could take all day with some of the slow pokes we seen. Anyway around 10 am they finally started, it was about time since we were there around 7am. This year we decided to try the Tri- Masters triathlon for kids on 63rd and LSD. The start was delayed for about 30 min. but then they began with the adult race. Then the kids. So the kids finally started around 8:35am. This was better than last year I guess.

I forgot to warn my kids last year about all the kicking and slapping in the swim leg. So this year I told them to get in the back like I do. We convinced our 12 year old nephew to compete and he was about the 10th kid out of the water. He is taller and more aggressive than my kids so he did not have a problem pushing the small kids out of his way. My kids caught up to him in the transition area and my son that was almost last out of the water was pretty quick out of T1. They took about 17 min. on the 4.5 mile bike course with their mountain bikes. Then off to the run, my son Teo was still ahead of my nephew and my other son by about 1 min. On the run my son Teo kicked it up a notch and ended up 14th and my other son was 16th. My nephew ran out of steam on the run and had to walk most of the run leg. I tried to get my kids to train but they do not like any type of structured training. They say its to much like school. Overall they had fun and now they would like to enroll in the Mcdonalds kids Tri at the end of the month.

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