Sunday, April 13, 2008


Around the middle of March I started to do some research on what do for anniversaries.
Every year I ask my wife what she would like and she saez nothing. So I buy her nothing.
This year I researched on the web and found a great idea. Personal Chef, so i started emailing a bunch. Lots were replying that they were booked for that date. One person emailed and said they were available. Chef's name was Dustin, I had emailed male chefs since men are better cooks.
Thats what I am told. I had a meeting with my kids and they were ready and had there part in the surprise. I could not trust my 12 year son's to place 2 candles and not catch the house on fire. So I recruited my mother in law. She was excited and also volunteered to bring a nice table cloth.

The plan was evoling. I looked around our home for old pictures of our wedding and other events.
I took them to work and scanned them. I them made a banner about 25 by 72. I asked the boys if they would be able to hang it up. They said with the help of gra ma it would be cool.
I communicated with Dustin and agreed on a menu. They were coming along smooth.

Saturday 4-12-08. I made sure we did not have any plans with boy scouts or family parties or band etc ... We had to take the boys to the dentist in the morning and my needed to go to the hospital for some testing before her operation. I told her I wanted to take her out on a date.
Normally we go to a movie and that it. Tonight I told her we would go to a fancy restaurant afterwards. I told her we needed to get dressed up. She asked me what I was wearing and I told m her my suit of course. So after the movie I slide into the bathroom. I call the kids and they its a green like but there is a little hitch. I tell him not to worry I will be home in 15.

As we get closer I pull over and tell my wife I have a surprise. I tell her I have to blindfold her and she has to trust me. She agree's and ask me if I bought her that VW bettle she wants.
I tell her no but she will like what is in stored for her.
I go around the block a couple of times to throw her off. I don't pull into the drive way and walk her to the door. My son answers the doors what a french accent. Do you have reservations?
I say yes the Ruiz couple. We walk in my home and the banner is up. The chef is standing there greeting us. I find out that Dustin is not a man but a women. This is the little hitch my son was talking about. She provides us with a menu dedicated to our anniversary. My son sits us down at our candle lit dinning room table. My son had classical music playing in the background.

My mother in law and my kids are eating at a different table by the kitchen. My wife request that they come share our anniversary with us. I tell her its our special day and we could do as we wish. Her mom tells her what a great idea and they both start to cry with tears of joy.
Luckily my son's and I were cracking jokes or else I may shed a tear too.
Any way the dinner took about 3 hours and was great. The female chef was awesome, she even had an assistant. whom cleaned and washed. I don't if I can top this next year but was sure a good felling.


Triathamom said...

Griz, that is darling. That was completely thoughtful and lovely. And it's a good thing for humor, I use it to stop tears as well.

Kickstand Pam said...

That was so cool!!! What a great day for you and your family. :)